I guess they’re really going ape shit in pre-production on Tron 2 because according to the Vancouver Sun, the sequel to Tron is going to cost $300 million dollars. Know how much the original cost to make? $17 million.

Now I have no idea where they got that figure from. The film hasn’t even started shooting yet, so I’m pretty sure these guys are talking out of their Canadians boots.

Here’s the snippet they wrote:

Vancouver post-production units are salivating at the prospects presented by the Disney remake of Tron, which carries a whopping $300 million budget and opportunities aplenty for effects and digital polish. The 1982 version of the film starring Jeff Bridges blazed new trails in computer graphics and you can bet Tron 2.0 will push much further down the pixel path.

Garrett Hedlund (Eragon, Troy) and Olivia Wilde (House, The OC) have been cast in lead roles. Bridges is also reportedly appearing in the new film along with original Tron alumnus Bruce Boxleitner. Disney has set up offices in town and shooting should get underway this spring.

What the hell are they doing up there that it’s going to cost $300 million dollars to make this sequel? More news as it comes in folks.