What do clowns and the 80s have in common? Why horrible make-up, loud colors, and now the remake of Stephen King’s IT, of course.

That’s right. “The remake will be set in the mid-1980s and in the present almost equally,” threatens — sorry, promises Dave Kajganich, as reported by DreadCentral.com. It’s also going to be truer to King’s novel. In case you don’t remember, the original adaptation of IT was created as a two-part miniseries for broadcast on ABC, so most of the sex, blood, and fun were taken out. Kajganich, however, has already pressed for an R-rating and it seems like the folks at WB are down with that.

Says Kajganich, “[It] means we can really honor the book and engage with the traumas (both the paranormal ones and those they deal with at home and school) that these characters endure.” Traumas like being hunted down by a child-killing creature that takes on the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown (played by Tim Curry in the miniseries).

Kajganich also promises to respect King’s work as much as possible, though he warns that the movie’s running time (the WB has already said IT has to be a single film) will force him to “kill a few darlings to make that happen.”

A remake of IT with more sex and gruesome fun? Sign me up for this carnival