Coming hot on the heels of the news that Gore Verbinski is quitting the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise to focus on his game adaptation Bioshock comes the news that Sony Pictures is planning to adapt Shadow of the Colossus for the screen, demonstrating just how determined Hollywood is to one day find a game that makes a good film.

The game focuses on a character called Wander, who must, er, wander through a cursed waste called the Forbidden Land and slay 16 enormous “colossi” (this basically involved searching a creature hundreds of times your size for the “glowy bit” where they were vulnerable) in order to save the life of a girl, Mono.

The game was much praised for its gorgeous art and high-quality score, and is sufficiently bare-bones of plot that there’s lots of wiggle room for screenwriters, so as games go this is rather promising.

So-hot-right-now screenwriter Justin Marks is set to write the script: he recently wrote as-yet unproduced adaptations of He-Men And The Masters Of The Universe, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Captain Nemo for McG to direct, Green Arrow: Escape From Supermax and an adaptation of DC’s Suicide Squad. Let’s hope he can find room for this on an apparently crowded to-do list.