There are reports that after much speculation Platinum Dunes have found thier Freddy Krueger for the Nightmare On Elm Street remake/reboot/sequel, or whatever it is!

And that man is…Jackie Earle-Haley, yes Roschach himself  will be donning the knife hands and ‘that’ fedora to terrorise some unsuspecting teens dreams. This is altogether favourable casting and after watching Haley in Watchmen there is no doubt in my mind as to whether he can pull Freddy off, brining the right level of creepyness without being ott.

Lets hope that producer Michael Bay has put together something a lot more special than the poor Friday the 13th remake of this February. The signs are good in all honesty, with the man behind some rather fantastic music vids directing and Earle Haley on board I’m beginning to build up some excitement for this project as unlike Friday the 13th, Nightmare is one film that warrants the remake treatment, hopefully Freddy will become scary again rather than a self parody!