King James Of Franco is set to join The Right Royal Danny McBride for medieval-regal exploits in Your Highness, helmed by their Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green.  

Like a hybrid of A Knight’s Tale and the role-playing bits in Role Models, with a little bit of The Neverending Story throne in for good measure (sorry), the comedy will follow a pair of vain, spoiled medieval princes who must unite in a quest to save their family and kingdom from an evil wizard.

This was first reported on this back in May last year, when it was due to begin production in early 2009. The shoot will now kick off on July 20 in Belfast. The whole thing was put together by McBride (who wrote the screenplay withhis Foot Fist Way collaborator Ben Best), Gordon Green and Role Models producer Scott Stuber.

In the meantime, McBride is limbering up for the release of Land Of The Lost with Will Ferrell, and Franco has a change of pace next as poet Allen Ginsberg in Howl.