Ok so, this week has been pretty slow for news, Clint Eastwood has begun filming on The Human Factor which makes me very happy, there has been a brief but uninspired look at Neil Marshall’s new gladitorial offering, Centurion, and Daniel Day Lewis in Rob Marshall’s 9. So as I broswse idly through ssites I have spotted this, the full trailer for (500) Days of  Summer and boy if I wasn’t excited for this before (I was!) I certainly am now… in fact given the choice I would watch this over any of the Summer blockbusters, high praise indeed!

So a nice Sunny day and this trailer featuring the gorgeous Zooey Deschanel and one of the most accomplished and under-rated actors in Hollywood today, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, throw in a Garden State vibe and you have something truly special. Oh and then theres that poster…anyway enough gushing, enjoy!

(500) Days of Summer should be in cinemas this July.