With Summit aiming to keep the Twilight gravy train rumbling the tracks to profitsville, the company has been busy looking for a director to work on the third film in the series, Eclipse.  And now, despite the company continuing to insist it’s looking at a number of possible choices, one name is starting to gain traction: The Orphanage’s Juan Antonio Bayona.

With New Moon helmer Chris Weitz unable to segue easily on to Eclipse due to the company’s fast timetable and release slot, Summit has been looking at other choices to tackle the film. A wide-ranging list of directors that includes Paul Weitz (can’t think who suggested him!), Drew Barrymore and James Mangold has apparently been considered, but – after being mentioned back in January – Bayona’s name seems to be sticking.

The third film keeps the love triangles in the story bubbling along, but also shifts into murder mystery territory with Edward and Bella tracking a killer. He’s certainly a solid pick – The Orphanage is ace and he has the support of Guillermo del Toro, who has produced his movies. But would he take the job?

The profile boost would certainly help him as he launches a career in America, but would he want to work under the shackles of the studio? I’m not sure.

Still, we don’t yet know if he’ll even take the job – Summit is naturally being closed-mouthed about the process.

But like Alfonso Cuaron before him, I think he could do great work if he’s allowed to bring his own style to a franchise, though how likely that is it’s hard to tell…I guess we will just have to hold out and see if Weitz puts HIS stamp on New Moon.