There’s absolutely zero official confirmation on this one so far, so file it under Big Honking Rumour, but word is the Fantastic Four might be headed for a reboot. IESB has been hearing whispers that 20th Century Fox are gearing up to give it a makeover – much in the same way that they’re re-developing Daredevil – to appeal to more fans.

I’ve got to say I’m doubtful on this – the first film took in $330 million worldwide and the second $290 million, but then the last movie was 2007 and things have been awfully quiet since then. And this is not a situation – a la Batman – where the studio needs to wait for a talented director to get his energy back and find a new script.

So what does this mean for the current cast? Most likely, they won’t need to worry about slipping into those tight blue suits again, since the reviews and response to the films was never all that great.

So, a harder edged Four? Well, it could possibly work, though the team has always been a little lighter than say, Hulk. Perhaps if they found an Iron Man-style tone…I’ll keep a close eye on this one!