Poli-blogi-whatnot The Huffington Post has laid its influential mittens on two new pics from Disney’s  sandstorms-and-sandals epic Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time, showing a buff Jake Gyllenhaal looking suitably sultry (and more than a little confused, truth be told) as the titular prince.

As Prince Dastan, Gyllenhaal will be charged with the onorous task of saving the 6th Century from a dastardly nobleman with designs on the all-powerful Sands of Time, a device that can reverse time and yield supreme power to its holder. Dastan is also charged with the marginally less onorous job of hanging out with Gemma Arterton’s Princess Tamina, who will aid him in his quest.

With the Moroccan shoot of the Bruckheimer/Mike Newell fantasy flick wrapped, Prince Of Persia is now in post-production. On a related note there was word that the teaser poster can be spotted within the Bruckheimer produced Confessions of  a Shopoholic…which I couldn’t bring myself to watch even with the promise of some Persia based teaser…anyone oput there brave enough to see Shopaholic spot it?

There The US release is currently set for 28 May 2010.