Leonardo DiCaprio has signed on to star in Inception, the first film post-Dark Knight for director Christopher Nolan. And if you thought I was excited about this film before, that’s got nothing on how I feel about it today.

As with virtually everything Nolan does, the project is shrouded in mystery, cloaked in secrecy and swaddled in subterfuge – all that is known about it is that it’s a contemporary sci-fi action movie set within the architecture of the mind. Which is infinitely preferable to a contemporary sci-fi action movie set within Stoke.

DiCaprio, who’s at the no red M&Ms stage of negotiations, has been attached to sci-fi projects before, notably the Kurt Vonnegut adaptation Cat’s Cradle. But this would mark his first official foray into the genre… unless you count Critters 3. And nobody counts Critters 3.

The casting, of course, won’t stop there. Rumour has it that Ellen Page is this close to signing on to the movie, which will start shooting later this summer. Warner Bros. is raiding the piggybank for this one clearly in the hope that Nolan moves swiftly on to a certain superhero sequel.