Following the all too brief look at Public Enemies at the tail end of this year’s academy awards I was suitably excited, for let’s face it this IS a Michael Mann film about one of the worlds most infamous gangsters (as played by Johnny Depp no less) and pursued by Christian Bale. Word is that Depp talkes centre stage with considerably more screen time than Bale, something the poster above would seem to suggest by Depp’s dominance and the lack of Bale’s billing under the title, it sure doesn’t look like a DeNiro/Pacino style face off.

Asides from that there’s not alot else to gleam from it, and to be honest I’d have hoped for something a little more original, for in fact it looks very much like the Road To Perdition poster albeit less…rainy!

Public Emenies opens in August, keep your peepers peeled for a trailer very soon.