Duh duh duh duh duh….and so the Termintor’s iconic theme goes, heralding the next in what would seem to be a long line of trailer’s leading up too and whetting our appetite for the June release (over here!) of McG’s Terminator Salvation.

So consider your appetite well and truly…whetted! For this looks absolutely, mind blowingly, awe inspiringly good, but enough of the super-latives, sit back, find the biggest monitor you can and soak up the Terminator Salvation trailer in HD, for that, as any film fan would tell you, is the way forward!

Here be the trailer, we get more a of a feel for the plot, meaning if you would rather be spoiler free avoid it, and there are plenty of money shots as well as much Christian Bale abusing staff…sorry, I mean warning mankind! PLus shots of the ‘discreet’ looking T-600’s the Harvesters and a rather iconic looking Sam Worthington right at the end, McG has done good, then again I never doubted the guy!

So go get your fill of Termintor action, over and over and over again…well, until the next trailer!

p.s. For some extra T4 pleasure feast your eyes on the posters above, pretty sweet I think you would agree!