Record the date, February 26th 2009, because this may be the day when we are all officially branded old. Yet another remake of our youth is upon us, with the magical fantasy that was The NeverEnding Story set to continue with an undoubtedly CG-tastic modern reboot.

Producers from Leonardo DiCaprio’s company Appian Way – who are also developing a live-action remake of the 1988 dystopian anime flick Akira, plus the people that brought us The Curious Case of Benjamin Button are in talks with Warner Bros. about a revival of the 1984 classic based on a German children’s book.

Just as Karate Kid is now in production for a return to the screens 25 years on from the original, studios are picking up ’80s and ’90s favourites, ripe for a new audience who have no memory of them.

The original movie had a cast of virtual unknowns portraying the fantasy and real worlds surrounding the introverted young protagonist Bastian. Seeking solace in a magical book, he finds himself intrinsic to the plot where a hero sets out to save the land of Fantasia and the life of its young empress from an impending vacuous doom named The Nothing.

The new take will apparently focus on some of the finer detailing from Michael Ende’s novel that was cast aside for the original movie and its subsequent two sequels. No writers or directors are attached so far, but the project will no doubt be fast-tracked in order to coincide with the imminent finish of the family-friendly cashcow that is the Harry Potter franchise.

So, what other ’80s classics do you think could be in line for a do-over?