It’s been rumoured for some time, but it has now been confirmed that Cate Blanchett will play Maid Marion in the probably-titled Robin Hood, formerly Nottingham, from Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe, making this English tale thoroughly Australian.

The story, as described by Variety, will apparently stay fairly close to the historical facts of the 12th century, and casts Robin of Loxley (Crowe) as an abandoned child brought up by the people of Nottingham, who therefore develops a strong sense of community feeling.

But, psychology fans, that early abandonment means he has Trust Issues, making it hard for him to fall in love. He meets his match in Blanchett’s strong and independent Maid Marion.

Brian Helgeland (the man who made jousting cool in A Knight’s Tale) wrote the latest version of the story, which is described as the “Gladiator version” of the legend, and filming on the $130 million-budgeted film is due to start in April. Scott is apparently aiming for a PG-13 rating, presumably with Mild Scary Scenes and Fantasy Archery.