Yes, it’s that time again when all resources have failed and producers begin Scrabbling around to Monopolise any intellectual properties that could be developed into movies. And the latest phase is taking the games market by storm.

With Uwe Boll having well and truly sapped the energy from video game adaptations, Universal have gone back to basics by acquiring the rights to what Americans call Clue – otherwise originally known as Cluedo to us Brits.

By lining up Gore Verbinski – who previously made a good job of the unprecedented theme-park-ride-adaptation that was Pirates Of The Caribbean – Universal hope to get in on the $1billion market which Cluedo has generated since its conception in 1948.

A previous comedy adaptation of the murder mystery game, made in 1985 and also titled Clue, starred Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd, and was written by John Landis. But despite offering not one but three alternate endings, the film was a flop – so Verbinski will have to work hard for this version to cut the Colonel Mustard.

Who would you like to star in the movie version of the much loved game? Scarlett Johansson? And maybe Christopher Plummer? And how about Meg White from the White Stripes?

On a related note where this leaves Verbinski’s mooted adaptation of computer game Bioshock is anyone’s guess…