Yogi-Bear-show-02.jpg yogi picture by alikatz230

Because nothing will stop the rumbling bandwagon that is cartoon-to-film adaptations, Yogi Bear now has himself a new director in the shape of Eric Brevig. He’s replacing Surf’s Up director Ash Brannon, who has left the film to concentrate on something that hopefully won’t make us regret throwing down the money to see it.

As for Yogi, he’ll now also be shot in 3D, which is no surprise since Brevig just had a somewhat successful summer with Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, notching up $230 million around the world. That ‘70s Show writers Joshua Sternin and Jeffrey Ventimilia are hard at work fashioning a screenplay that will allow a CG Yogi and Boo Boo to interact with real humans.

And now they’ll be throwing picnic baskets at the screen. Okay, maybe not – but it’s 3D, so they’ve got to do something…