This one has come out of the blue, S. Darko, as you or may not have guessed is the sequel to the cult fave of pretentious students everywhere, Donnie Darko. A film I’m told is about time travel but is never really that clear about the subject, oh and theres a giant rabbit called Frank…maybe.

Anyway, it is the film we have to thank for bringing us Jake Gylenhaal, and pumping interest back into the independent film industry. So nature takes it course and a sequel follows, though this time we needn’t wait 20 years for the dire sequel (Lost Boys 2: The Tribe I’m looking very directly at you!) for this is upon us a mere 10 years from the date the original was completed and re-released on DVD about 5 times.

So have a look here if you have any interest whatsoever in what became of Darko Jr. (Donnie’s younger sister I believe) or you could just watch the Transformers: Rise of the Fallen trailer again, yes that would be time much better spent…

Oh, and S. Darko will be hitting DVD rental shelves sometime in the Autumn.

p.s. The poster seems to have used the mask of a mexican wrestler for its inspiration rather that the original’s rabbit, go figure!