The original [REC] was quite possibly one of the scariest films I have ever watched, in the final 2 minutes alone there were more scares than the best Hollywood horror’s. So what have the creators gone and done, well this being the movie business [REC] has now morphed into [REC]2 which seemingly picks up right where the original left off, it doesn’t show a whole lot but check the teaser out here and look forward to being inevitably scared s**tless…again! Catch the trailer here.

On a related note, those of you who saw the shot for shot US remake (Quarantine, which inexplicably managed to be simultaneously awful and a shot for shot copy) may be interested to know there is also a sequel to that in the works, though it will bear no resemblance to the above sequel, meaning we have ended up with a Ring 2, Ringu 2 scenarion, god help us if it’s worse than both the original Quarantine and Ring 2…just a thought!