Robert Rodriguez, the multi-talented writer, director, composer, cameraman, editor and tea boy, is heading into the future with his new film, Nerverackers.

A futuristic sci-fi thriller that Rodriguez will write and direct for his old chums at Dimension, Nerverackers will take place in the year 2085, when society has become a blissful utopia. That is, until something, or someone, embarks on a crime wave, prompting the authorities to assemble a special unit, led by a guy named Joe Tezca, to fight back.

Rodriguez has always been something of an enigma to me. There’s no doubting his prodigious talent, and several of his films, including From Dusk Till Dawn, Spy Kids and Sin City, are enormous fun. But, sadly, he’s never seemed to aspire to anything beyond that, and indeed had seemed to dwell in self-indulgence recently with the likes of Planet Terror – so let’s hope that Nerverackers will finally see him fulfil his true potential, but based on the premise I seriously doubt it.

Nerverackers is scheduled to come out on April 16, 2010, so expect filming to start on this very soon. Then again, knowing how fast Rodriguez can work, he might start next March and still have it done.