Just when I thought fans couldn’t get any more excited about New Moon, the Twilight sequel currently being prepped by Chris Weitz, along comes EW with a stupendous rumour that Madonna may be contributing to its soundtrack. Bear in mind that this is all just hearsay (not to be confused with Hear’Say, sadly), but the scuttlebutt on the street is that, because Madge’s manager, Guy Oseary, is a producer on the movie, that his client would be involved somehow.

At first, word was that Madonna might be cameoing in the movie. That doesn’t appear to be the case, though, and thank God – it’s going to be scary enough with all those ‘werewolves’ and big-haired vampires running around. Instead, it looks like Madonna may contribute some songs to the soundtrack, although it’s very early days yet.

This is, obviously, great news. Madonna is on a creative high right now, as vital and vibrant at the age of 50 as she was at the age of 49, and her last specifically tailored contribution to a movie soundtrack was the best Bond theme ever, Die Another Day, *cough*. So what’s not to love about this idea? In fact, we say that Weitz – who has experience of getting musicians to write scores, after Badly Drawn Boy wrote the About A Boy OST – goes the whole hog, and turns New Moon into a musical. Suggestions for song titles welcome, readers…