As we near the release date of possibly the most anticipated graphic novel adaptation ever, Watchmen, the net as ever is being flooded with film clips vying for your perusal. As ever if you want to go into Watchmen cold, or as cold as is possible I’d advise against watching any of them, Should you wish to watch all the links can be found here.

Though they don’t give away all that much, it is nice to see a bit more of the chracter development than is evident in the two trailers, the comedian and Rorschach looking to be the obvious stand-outs.

In related Watchmen news, it has been confirmed as showing in the UK’s 3 fully fledged IMAX cinemas and as with The Dark Knight I’d strongly urge you to seek them out, tickets can be booked here, and from past experience with how busy the showings can get booking is highly advisible.

Finally it looks like director Zack Snyder has remained totally faithful to the material and as such the film has a hefty running time of 162 minutes, and THAT’S not the directors cut (dvd or blu-ray for that I’m afraid) also word is if anything the violence and sexual scenes have been upped in ante with the film securing an encouraging 18 certificate…

roll on March 6th!