The first (proper) teaser trailer, following the superbowl spot, for Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen – which had previously only been available to US cinemagoers over the weekend who, in the ultimate good news/bad news joke, had to pay to see Friday The 13th to access it – is now online. And when Michael Bay said that this one was bigger than the original, he wasn’t kidding – this thing looks massive.

Watch the new Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen teaser trailer.

After all, it starts with a series of meteors – presumably bearing the Decepticons, including Soundwave, the cat-like Ravage and the Constructicons – falling to earth, just as Optimus Prime and his pals did in the original film. But this time, their arrival seems a little more focused, as they smash into a fleet of US aircraft carriers. The war has begun?

The trailer is a teaser – the movie’s not out until June – so there’s no real story details to get our teeth into (and anyone who says that there might not be any story detail to get our teeth into… stow that attitude!). Instead, we get a series of jaw-dropping images as the Decepticons wreak havoc on Earth. Buildings, including the Pyramids, will get trashed. The Constructicons will form Devastator, a robot so large that it makes Optimus Prime look like Jimmy Krankie. But there’s still no sign of The Fallen himself, a robot so evil it will make Megatron look like… well, Ian Krankie.

And, as all sequels seem to be contractually obligated to be, Revenge Of The Fallen appears to be darker, with the stakes seemingly raised for Shia LaBeouf’s Sam Witwicky, his dad (Kevin Dunn), Megan Fox’s Mikaela, and of course Optimus Prime, who gets seven shades of shit knocked out of him at one point.

But enough of my blathering – see for yourself. Of course, fans of the original will love it. Bay-haters won’t find anything to change their minds here. But, based on the visuals and the promise of mindboggling Bayhem, we have to say that this looks like summer’s biggest movie, hands down.