Starring: Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johanssen, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Long, Jennifer Connolly, Bradley Cooper 

Director: Ken Kwapis

Writers: Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein

Cinematography: John Bailey

Original Score: Cliff Eidelman

Running Time: 120 Mins.

Once again it’s that time of year, Valentines day, Clintons is packed to the rafters with over-sentimental crap sporting hearts and you can’t turn around without spotting red roses and chocolate in the supermarket, and what of the cinema, oh yes it’s time for a rom-com and maybe a scary movie (see Friday the 13th, or, actually, don’t!)  if that’s your thing! Topical choice would be the rom-com, and the guys out there are in for a treat, for here we have He’s Just Not That Into You (god knows which words you should put the emphasis on) which manages the unwieldy task of actually being worse than the ‘scary’ option!

Playing out like the American equivalent of Love, Actually, which knew well enough not to take itself too seriously, He’s Just Not That Into You covers five different story strands which inevitably have interweaving and cross-over characters. Now I use the term characters lightly because the word charicature is likely a more appropriate term, as most of the abundant number of film stars that this has inexplicably attracted are playing reheated versions of either a.) themselves or b.) characters they usually play which are likely based on themselves anyway!

So we have Jennifer Aniston as, well I really needn’t say it but, a certain ‘Friend’, Scarlett Johanssen as the obligatory tart with a heart, Jennifer Connolly being all mumsy, Bradley Cooper as the cheating husband and Drew Barrymore as a ditzy publicist who can’t get the guy. Oh how witty this all is, and in truth if it were played strictly for laughs it could have worked, just maybe. But played as much as a morality tale which succumbs to the usual Hollywood ending it really has nothing to gain apart from scathing reviews!

Falling into the same category as last summers excrable Sex & the City: The Movie, it spends it’s overly long running time selling you one thing before going back on all thats gone before to ensure we get that oh-do twee denouement. A great shame in itself as throughout it did have one interesting story arc whreby Ben Affleck doesn’t believe in marriage, only to upturn at the final hurdle and forget everything he said previously, something which could have given the film the slightest of victories.

In fact if there is any positive to be gained it is in two performances by Affleck himself who seems to be gaining back some kind of credit (though bilge like this won’t help) and the ever excellent Justin Long, whom I’d say was worth watching the film for, but really you wouldnt’ want to put yourself…or your other half through such an ordeal!


Love, Actually in America, urm no, actually it’s the rom-com lacking any rom and very little com, not even good enough to be described as sickly, this is just dull! He’s Just Not That Into You, he won’t be if you take him to see this!