Refusing to let an obvious rhyme go begging, I bring you news that McG’s next project, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Captain Nemo, has been fast-tracked by Disney, with screenwriter Justin Marks coming on board to reshape the script.

Marks, who recently adapted arcade classic Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (‘hadouken!’) and He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe for the big screen, will work on what is essentially a Nautilus origin story, covering the construction and launch of Captain Nemo’s nuclear-powered sub.

Overtones of the Star Trek origin story perhaps, but there’s magic in Jules Verne’s sub-sea adventure and in the right hands (and with the right Nemo) this could be a winner. Walt Disney’s 1954 original 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea*, which starred James Mason as the squid-wrassling seafarer, was the studio’s first live-action movie. It was big success, garnering two Oscars, a ton of box-office and a theme park ride.

The original 20,000 Leagues was something of a cautionary tale about the dangers of nuclear power, which provides a handy, if super-tenuous link to McG’s current project, Terminator Salvation. Is he the right man to steer the good ship Nautilus?

* Wikifact! 20,000 leagues refers to the distance travelled under the sea (which is 12 times the earth’s radius) and not to a depth.