A new trailer is online here for Ron Howard’s Angels & Demons, which picks up speed from the initial teaser where we learned some of the back-story about a threat from the Vatican’s ancient adversaries (at least in this story): The Illuminati.

Here we see more of Ewan McGregor’s Carlo Ventresca, the Camerlengo (a title that in the book translates as, “in charge whilst they select a new pope”), and find the Vatican under threat. The natural response is, of course, to call in Hank’s ‘symbologist’ Robert Langdon, to solve the clues left by The Illuminati to find the ticking time-bomb they have planted under Rome. Also featured is Ayelet Zurer as Vittoria Vetra, daughter of a murdered physicist, who is drawn into the quest (but not to the extent of ever opening her mouth, evidently), and takes over where Audrey Tatou left off as Langdon’s hot wing-woman.

Hopefully this can add a little more pace and some thrills to the formula Howard set with 2005’s The Da Vinci Code. But we shall find out when Angels & Demons is released in the UK on May 15.