Bill Murray and Lucas Black are to play partners running a funeral home in Get Low, described as a “period dramatic thriller” from director Aaron Schneider. Since it’s the story of a man who decided to hold his own funeral before he died, we’re guessing that Murray and Black’s job was a bit easier than usual.

The focus of the film is on Robert Duvall’s Felix “Bush” Breazeale, who in 1938 decided to have his funeral while he was still alive so he could enjoy the experience. A massive crowd turned out on the day, and he became something of a celebrity as a result, living five more years after his send off.

I’m a little confused as to how the story is a thriller, but we’re sure that there’s something our researches haven’t uncovered! Sissy Spacek also stars, and Schneider wrote the script with Chris Provenzano (lately of Mad Men) and C. Gaby Mitchell (Blood Diamond). Shooting starts this week on location in Georgia (USA, not the Russian one).