…and continuing the Superbowl trailer run here are teaser trailer’s for Harold Ramis Year One starring Jack Black and Michael ‘Superbad’ Cera, less a trailer and more an extended clip something about this just doesn’t inspire me much at all despite the presence of David Cross and Paul Rudd as Cain and Abel, but lest I shall remain unjudgemental until I see a proper trailer, Cera’s hair IS funny though!

Next up is Will Ferrell starrer Land of the Lost remake, which, and this is no good thing, looks alot like Brendan Fraser’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth minus the 3D gimmick, and that’s no good thing either! Although if anyone can make this funny it’s Ferrell but his toned down funny is often not all that great (see Kicking and Screaming), there are also hints of Night at the Museum as well, hmm this Summers comedies are looking a bit…bland!

But rteserve judgement for yourselves and see them both here and here.

Both Year One and Land of the Lost are due in July.