It’s been long anticipated…by some, and is clearly being marketed with the Transformer’s crowd in mind (despite that having a sequel out this Summer itself) but from this very first, albeit brief, footage it looks like G I Joe could be a whole heap of fun! The cast are all above average at worst (I’ll forget Sienna Miller is in it!) and it even has the rather good up and coming superstar Channing Tatum and the yet to be seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt as uber villain, the titular Cobra.

Directed by the ‘popcorn king’ Stephen Sommers who brought the overblown yet thoroughly enjoyable The Mummy, Deep Rising and the under-rated Van Helsing, we can expect nothing but non-stop action with a lot of slo-mo if the trailer is anything to go by, and clearly Paramount have one eye on a franchise so lets hope it’s good!

Due to be premiered at Sunday night’s Superbowl, it seems to have slipped early here so go on, get your 80’s flashbacks on this late Saturday evening! I bear in mind we have Thundercats, He Man and, urm…Barbie films headed this way soon! (Ok the last one isn’t true … for now!)

G I Joe: The Rise of Cobra is due out in July.