Tag this with a big rumour sticker for now, but recent internet chatter is hinting that Robert Rodriguez has signed up to make a new movie in the Predator franchise. A ‘reliable source’ dropped Bloody Disgusting a line, revealing that Rodriguez is producing a Predator reboot for 20th Century Fox through his company Troublemaker Studios.

There’s no word on a director or script, but a pitch doing the rounds in Hollywood implies that there would be more than one Predator.

“In the reboot a team of commandoes face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters,” it reads. I’m not sure if this information is legit, but Rodriguez does actually have history with the franchise. Back when Rodriguez was a eager youngling waiting to put Desperado into production, he wrote a spec script for Predator 3, beginning on an 18th century Galleon attacked by Predators.

Sounds better than AvP, at any rate, and while we are on the sibject, will this news throw AvP3 into development hell?

Question is, is Rodriguez the man to bring back Predator?