Oh please, the first one was too much, after 2 and a half hours of shoving hand-bags down audience throats and proceeding to tell then that in fact life is about more than hand-bags (hypocritical much!) there are reports today that the stars of Sex And The City: The Movie have agreed deals to star in a big screen sequel, so this time it will be hand-bags AND high heels shoved down audience throats!

Just months after the first movie adaptation of the hit TV series became a box office hit – making more than $400 million (GBP285 million) worldwide (demonstrating the kind of bilge women will pay to watch these days!) – producers have gathered “actresses” Sarah “horse face” Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Kim Cattrall together, and thrashed out lucrative agreements for them to reprise their roles, oh joy.

A source told US Weekly magazine, “Not all the contracts are signed, but everyone is on board. It just happened.”

Parker publicly rebuked Cattrall last year after she prematurely announced the sequel was going ahead during an interview on TV in Britain.Parker said, “I’m thrilled to know Kim is excited but all the deals are not yet done… We need to figure this out in the next couple ofmonths.”

And, last month, co-star Nixon announced, “We don’t know if it’s (sequel) coming up. We’re in negotiation. I’m very hopeful (that makes one person then), but certainly nothing is for sure. I don’t think anyone’s deals are done.

“We were very excited to get to do the first one, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we get to do another one.”

Shooting is scheduled to start this summer, please feel free to boycott the shoot!