Vikings, aliens, dragony things… This is not an advert for the Norwegian tourist board, but it should be, because I definitely want to visit the bizarro world of the new Outlander trailer

Crash landing on Earth, other-worldly Kainan (Caviezel) joins forces with the Viking inhabitants to fight the Moorwen, an alien predator which has already landed on the planet. Using Kainan’s advanced alien technology and know-how along with the brute force of the Viking’s Iron Age weaponry, it’s time for lots of men in furs to slash about themselves with swords while a big scary monster pwns them from the shadows. Think Highlander meets Beowulf (somewhere between the animated one and the Christopher Lambert one) meets Aliens – and if it’s not quite as good as the latter, it’s nearly as much fun as the former.

Outlander stars Jim Caviezel, Jack Huston, Ron Perlman and John Hurt and hits cinemas on April 24. Check the trailer out here.