A new, full trailer for Fast & Furious is now online. Premiering over at Yahoo, the footage finds Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto and Paul Walker’s agent Brian O’Connor doing what they do best – arguing, fighting and driving cars really, really fast.

The plot of the new film finds both men drawn back to LA after a serious crime and the death of someone close to both of them means they put aside their long-running feud to work together to get revenge. The big set pieces are, of course, loaded with vehicular mayhem (the trailer’s even cut to make it look like Diesel punches a car off a bridge! WT actual F), and makes it look like the franchise is nuttier than ever.

Which is just the way we like it, surely? Fast & Furious opens on 10 April.

Do you think the franchise has fuel left in the tank? Or were you hoping it had driven off into the sunset with Tokyo Drift? Tell me below, whilst you think how badly the final shot of the trailer copies an excellent shot in Die Hard 4, damn dirty thieves!