Pineapple Express has proved something of a Marmite film since it came out last year and I think you all pretty much know my opinion of it now (considering i had it down as one of my disappointments of the year), but with its DVD release looming (it’s actually just come out in the form of a directors cut which I’m hoping improves upon the original cut) here’s something that even the naysayers (like myself) might like: an alternative ending for the film.

Starring James Franco, as a pot dealer who’s his own best customer, and Seth Rogen as his second-best customer, the film sees the pair on the run after witnessing a murder. Without giving too much away, the film turns rather action-y in the last act, and this ending takes place after it’s all gone a bit Die Hard. It’s not massively spoiler-ific, strangely, if you haven’t seen the film, because the other ending is substantially different, but it’s still rather amusing in a quiet and sad sort of way.

Check it out here.