Franklyn, screened at the London Film Festival – and it has picked up UK Distribution and a few European dates… Opening on February 20th in the UK, but as of now – there’s no plans for US distribution which I find bizzaire. IGN nabbed the trailer, which frankly numbs the mind. The film looks immensely satisfying – and the reviews on IMDB look quite strong. I haven’t heard of the director, a Gerald McMorrow… but after that trailer, he has my attention.

The cast has Eva Green (hubba hubba!), Ryan Phillippe, Art Malik, Bernard Hill and Susannah York! In fact – if you go through the tech listings on this film, you’ll find a lot of early talents taking big leaps here. One of the Art Directors has the same position on Prince of Persia and the history involves all sorts of key work. It has the DP from Stardust and Layer Cake and the upcoming Kick Ass. And the Special Effects Supervisor has worked on everything from A Bridge Too Far to Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom to Who Framed Roger Rabbit to A Muppet Christmas Carol to Doomsday and Rock n Rolla.

In other words, there’s a lot of strong British talent behind this – and I’m curious as hell to see this film. From cast to crew to the following trailer – this looks like one to watch, considering it has shades of the highly under rated V For Vendetta AND im getting a flavour of Watchmen (the hero has more than a shade of Rorschach about him) in there too!

Roll on February 20th…check out the trailer here.