Seems the year is getting kicked off with quite a bit of horror and horror remakes – for some reason, the powers at be have decided that this is the time of the year to release horror films – not late September/ October – where I personally would love to see at least a good selection of horror. Is that really too much to ask, and is there some definable reason that keeps studios from releasing a movie like Trick r Treat around that time?

 Sorry, got distracted by a personal pet peeve. Anyway – if you know the original The Last House On The Left, you know that it is a very rough and raw film. That said, this isn’t one that I’m upset about seeing get remade. From the look of this trailer, they’ve put together a pretty nice looking film, that doesn’t look too clean, in fact – it looks gritty – and is it just me, or isn’t it nice to see Tony Goldwyn in this trailer. He just made me smile for some reason.

Here ya go, Click here to see The Last House On The Left trailer!