Starring: Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel, Rhys Darby, Terence Stamp, Bradley Cooper

Director: Peyton Reed

Screenplay: Nicolas Stoller, Jarrad Paul

Cinematography: Robert D. Yeoman

Original Score: Mark Everett, Lyle Workman

Running Time: 104 Mins.

Yes Man is NOT  a Jim Carrey film, well, not the Jim Carrey film you will expect, for all the scenes of Carrey-ness within the trailer are pretty much all you get. These moments are padded out with a lot of cliched, wishy-washy below-par rom-com material punctuated only by an all too brief but rather funny turn by Terence Stamp. And talking of stamps, that is all you would need to write the films plot on, Jim Carrey is a man who will say “Yes” to everything, oh and he falls in love.

Thankfully it is Zooey Deschanel whom Carrey falls for, once again playing the right side of cooky and has a slightly part than in the dire The Happening. It’s a great shame she doesn’t seem to be able to muster up that role which will put her firmly in the spotlight where she deserves to be, loveable in all the right ways while giving the irksome cliched character she is dealt much more warmth than the script deserves. Shame that she is cast off kilter against Carrey who is looking a.) far too old for her and b.) far too old for this falling over and gurning schtick.

I am what you would call an old school Carrey fan, Ace Ventura and The Mask were, for me, the benchmark of a very funny but equally well made comedy and it’s sad that in his ongoing carreer he seems to be becoming simply lazy taking on projects that neither stretch his comedic muscles nor vary his range, high concept one note idea films sem to be his speciality nowadays (Bruce Almighty and Fun With Dick And Jane) one could argue he is here taking a step into more traditional rom-com territory, and it’s true that given a better director and script, the concept could have come into fruition in a much more charming and clever way, but what begins lazily meanders its way towards a conclusion that is contrived and messy unaware at how to tie up all the messy and pointless subplots that have been set up.

Half expecting Carrey to be below par I had hoped the film would be saved by Flight Of The Concords star Rhys Darby, sadly bar a couple of jokes revolving around his overt awkwardness there was very little in the way of a savior and where a new comedy star should have been born, well better luck next time Rhys, you deserve better than this, then again so does Jim, and Zooey… 


Lazy, lazy lazy, Yes Man is lacking even the required two laugh quota to make it a ‘worth a watch’ comedy, something good should have been wrung from the concept but instead a feeble rom-com becomes a feeble Jim Carrey rom-com and this is a good thing for no one, say NO to Yes Man