Well give THIS a quick look…

I am not advocating that people that talk in movies be shot, merely pointing out that if you choose to talk in a cinema during a movie – that there are in fact documentation that you could be shot for talking during a movie. And that before you open your mouth to begin whatever urgent matter that is on your mind, that you weigh whether or not what you have to say is worth being possibly SHOT while watching the movie you paid to watch (and not talk during).

 Now – I need to be clear here. This James Joseph Cialella Jr is no hero of movie theater attendees. I mean, talking is rude enough. But by pulling out his gun and shooting the rude movie theater talker – he wound up causing an even worse disruption. First – there was the GUNSHOT. How f***ing annoying. I mean, mobile phone ringtones and lights are annoying enough, but an actual GUNSHOT? Then, you can bet there was screaming and crying caused by the gunshot. Then… the f***ing Police had to barge into the movie, make an arrest and take down statements from audience members that witnessed this.

All of this disruption began though – because 1 person was talking in a movie theater. Don’t be that one person. Be quiet. Enjoy the movie. Shhhhh. Or failing that maybe just take out the talkee with a silent cut of the throat…just a thought!