You can tell you’re in thriller territory when a crack of thunder, followed by the heavy breathing of a frightened woman, are the sounds that open a trailer. And such is the case with the new State of Play trailer, which takes the much loved BBC mini-series and adds a healthy dollop of action for the big screen.

The film stars Russell Crowe, a reporter who investigates the death of a young woman tied to an old friend, and current politician, played by Ben Affleck. The girl’s death seems to point to a bigger conspiracy, but as Crowe’s investigation goes further, real danger threatens him and his team.

With Helen Mirren, Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman, Robin Wright-Penn, Jeff Daniels and the recently Golden Globe-nominated Viola Davis also onboard, Kevin Macdonald directing and a script adapted from Paul Abbot’s original by Tony “Michael Clayton” Gilroy, Billy “Shattered Glass” Ray and Matthew Michael ” The Kingdom” Carnahan the cast and crew are certainly heavyweight – but can it displace, or even sit alongside, the original series for fans? We’ll have to see when it opens here on April 17 next year.