Ok, so the first Night at the Museum was passable enough providing entertainment for a rainy afternoon, but come on we expected more from Ben Still and the largely fantastic ensemble around him (apart from the ever unfunny Ricky gervais, but I’ll let that slide as his role was minimal).

So here we have the ‘eagerly anticipated’ sequel, Night At The Museum: Battle For The Smithsonian, Stiller looks more interested this time around and as ever sequel means bigger and better with some great set pieces in evidence from the trailer footage. What’s selling it to me though is that rather fanyastic cast, Jonah Hill looks rather samey but Bill Hader as Custer Hank Azaria as Kah mun Ra, and  Abraham Lincolm look very funny…and theres no sign of Gervais…thankfully!

Catch the trailer here and the film in cinemas next summer.