Is thirteen years long enough to forget a grievous wrong? Well, the creators of Judge Dredd are about to find out because the powers that be have officially greenlit a follow-up to the 1995 travesty, more than a decade after it first polluted our screens.

For such an iconic character in British comics, Dredd was horribly portrayed by Sylvester Stallone in the Danny Cannon film. The bright lights and myriad perps of Mega City One wasted on some bilge that saw Dredd banished to the Cursed Earth within the first hour by Armand Assante’s evil clone and inexplicably introduced Rob Schneider as a comedy sidekick. In short, it was Dreddful. Hope springs eternal, though, and Danny Boyle’s DNA films has snatched up the rights to return the famous Judge to our screens in a story that remains so far under wraps.

With decades of Dredd canon to choose from they’ll be spoilt for choice story-wise but Empire hopes for a glimpse of the Dark Judges in this outing. Death, Fear, Fire and Mortis on the big screen? Yes please.