Frank Miller’s still busy promoting The Spirit,(which is incidentally getting terrible pre-release reviews!) but there’s no rest for the wicked in the world of comics, so he’s lining up his next project, and it looks likely to be Buck Rogers, the swashbuckling spaceman in the 25th century.

Rogers’ adventures all saw this 20th century pilot / astronaut accidentally frozen / trapped in suspended animation for 500 years, to awaken in a much-changed Earth of the 25th century. There, he has to fight for truth, justice and the American way again, alongside a hot love interest and usually a teenage sidekick.

Miller and producers Odd Lot Entertainment are currently in final negotiations for the rights, and it is hoped that this will be his next project, given that Sin City 2 is still no further along. While it’s very early days yet, Miller’s take on the story is expected to be a dark one, and to tackle his familiar themes of corruption and redemption. In other words, don’t expect him to bring back the TV incarnation’s robot comic relief Twiki.

This news brings two questions to mind: first, we wonder whether Miller is going through all the classic comics of the Golden Age and attempting to film them, with The Spirit and now this. If his next film is Tarzan, we’ll know for sure. Second, would it have been too much to ask for a Duck Dodgers in the Twenty-Fourth-and-a-Half Century film? Would it?