It stars two of the better rom-com actors of our times – Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds – and it’s a cold, dark December Tuesday, so go ahead and watch the trailer for The Proposal right here.

The film sees Bullock play Margaret, the termagant boss of Reynolds’ put-upon personal assistant Andrew. When she threatens deportation from the US (she’s Canadian), she announces that they’re getting married in order to stay in the country, and he – something of a doormat, apparently – goes along with it. Cue, I hope, hilarity.

With a good supporting cast that includes Mary Steenbergen, Betty White, Malin Akerman and Craig T. Nelson, this could be worth a look, but we’d be lying if we said we were totally convinced by this trailer. Ryan Reynolds is in dire need of a role that will finally prod him onto the A-list, but something this drippy doesn’t look like doing the trick. Still, they’re both immense fun to watch when on form, so I’m optimistic.