The thing about Paul Rudd is, we love him, man. So it’s just astonishingly appropriate that he should be starring in a new film called I Love You, Man, and the trailer’s online right here right now.

The story sees Rudd as Peter, who’s always been a “girlfriend guy” with no close male friends. When he gets engaged to Zoe (The Office’s Rashida Jones) he begins the search for a good male friend to be his best man, going on a series of “man dates” to find the right friend and along the way meeting Sidney (Jason Segel, from Forgetting Sarah Marshall) who might just fit the bill. The supporting cast also includes the ever-excellent JK Simmons, Andy Samberg (of Hot Rod hilarity!), Jaime Pressly and more, so fingers crossed for this one.

The film is due out in the UK on April 10, and in the meantime Rudd fans should check out Role Models next month which is looking to be equally as funny, sadly Andy Samburg isn’t in that one though!