Fans of Hugh Laurie’s House – the TV show, that is, not the actual place where he lives – will have noticed the recent rise of Olivia Wilde, who has played bisexual doctor Thirteen since the fourth season. A fine actress who also happens to be astonishingly beautiful, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood noticed the charms of the 24 year-old. And, lo and behold, today brings word that she’s bagged the female lead in TR2N (or, depending on what you read, Tron 2.0), the eagerly-awaited sequel to Tron.

Wilde, who’ll play a worker in the digital world who helps fight the evil Master Control Program, joins the already-cast Jeff Bridges, who will of course reprise his role as hacker-turned-computer-gladiator, Kevin Flynn/Clu. Beau Garrett has become the third actor to be cast – she’ll play a siren in the digital world. Strangely, there’s still no word on whether Bruce Boxleitner will return as Tron in the Joseph Kosinski-helmed movie. And news that Disney and Kosinski are screentesting actors to play the youthful male lead does not bode well for the mighty Boxleitner.

As for Wilde, eagle-eyed readers will have spotted her in the horror film, Turistas, and she has a role in the upcoming Jack Black comedy The Year One. But TR2N (I much prefer Tron 2.0, on the grounds that it’s not confusing) will be by far her biggest role to date.