Terminator Salvation is still some months off, but positive fan reaction to the internet trailers that are out there has led to production company Halcyon to announce plans for a fifth instalment already.

This doesn’t come as any great surprise, given that the film was already the first in a planned trilogy, with star Christian Bale signed up for three films already. Still, the news that it has a planned release date of 2011 is fresh, and shows that the filmmakers are feeling pretty confident in the wake of positive buzz on the trailers to date.

McG was in Dubai, where the announcement was made, and suggested that the Middle East might be a shooting location for the film – but that’s got to be taken with a pinch of salt given that he could have been playing to the crowd, and has a well-known fear of flying (which led him to drop out of Superman¬†Returns, remember).

But for more news on the fifth film, we’ll most likely have to wait until closer to the release date of Terminator Salvation (which has thankfully lost its “The Future Begins” suffix) on June 5.