There seems to be a trailer that heralds something special for the Summer  ahead each Winter, last year was The Dark Knight, Transformers the year before and today the trend has well and truly been continued as X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer has hit the interweb’s! 

It’s not often by breath is taken away from a trailer, BUT it happened, with too many shots to mention here that are amazing your best to just check it out for yourself here courtesy of JoBlo.

After three X-Men film’s of Wolverine slowly reaching his full ‘berserker rage’ it looks like he is let well and truly off the leash here. Also standing out are the rather fantasic Liev Schreiber and Danny Huston as double threat, General Stryker (who was played by Brian Cox in X2) and Sabretooth (played by Tyler Mane in X Men) who look like they bring some real quality to the proceedings.

But the main thing that struck me is how well they seem to have nailed Gambit, his scenes look set to be hugely action packed, with just the right amount of fanboy tics thrown in, and thats on only seconds worth of footage, explosive cards never looked so good!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is out in May.