Though Nicolas Cage has had far more misses (The Weatherman, Ghost Rider, Bangkok Dangerous, Next, The Wicker Man, to name but a few) than hits of late, I still pay close attention to projects the actor gets involved in. One such film that could defy Cage’s recent streak, Knowing, looks like one heck of a Sci Fi thriller. But, then again, so did Next (at first).

The feature trailer has arrived for Knowing and, as warned in the synopsis, the preview is all about disasters and distruction. Since it is cool elements such as this that sell movie tickets, the film is at leats initially heading in the right direction; especially since we always need a disaster film in March.Apple.

When it comes to the plot, the film doesn’t seem to falter. Using a Number 23-like formula, Knowing at least looks to have the proper mix of action, destruction, sci fi and suspense. So far, so good.

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