Role Models is one of the funnier films you’ll see this year (actually, next, or thats what I’m anticipating anyway!), and I’ve got the UK poster and theatrical trailer for the film right here.

It may look a bit like the US poster, with Paul Rudd’s Danny relieving himself against a wall and Seann William Scott drinking from a brown paper bag, but we here in the UK also get Christopher “McLovin” Mintz-Plasse’s role-playing enthusiast Augie in there as well.

The plot of the film sees Rudd and Scott assigned to mentor Augie and another boy called Ronnie (the quite astonishingly funny Bobb’e J. Thompson) as community service. The film also stars the quite astonishingly cool and cute Elizabeth Banks and the ever-funny Jane Lynch.

Role Models is out on January 7, and if you’re still not convinced, I can tell you that Paul Rudd does more crazy dancing like this Daily Show segment in the film, there’s reason alone to watch.