Looks like the next time Shia LaBeouf stammers, ‘No no no no no no no no NO!’ in a movie, he’ll have to add, ‘Your Honour’. For The Beef has just signed on to star in The Associate, the latest movie to be based on a John Grisham novel, along with The Client, The Firm, and The Guy Who Sits Near The Judge And Types Really Fast On That Little Typewriter Thing.

The novel won’t be published until January, but that hasn’t stopped Paramount from snapping up the rights with Lorenzo di Bonaventura to produce. Di Bonaventura, of course, has worked with LaBeouf before, on both Transformers films. In fact, it was while working on Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen that di Bonaventura first received the book, and it didn’t take long to persuade his leading man to come on board.

So who is The Associate? Well, he’s a student who’s about to graduate from Yale when he’s manipulated into accepting a position with a prestigious law firm – like The Firm! – and then he’s given privileged information about a massive, massive lawsuit. Uh-oh… time to get your thinking cap on, Shia!

No director is yet attached, but with LaBeouf increasingly hot property, it can only be a matter of time before a heavy-duty helmer attaches himself to the project like a limpet. More as I get it.