Back in September we were told that Russell Crowe would not only be playing Robin Hood in Nottingham, but the Sheriff of Nottingham as well. While the idea of dual roles sounds like a major twist, Brian Grazer confirms that we should understand what’s going on from the get-go. MTV Movies Blog caught up with super-producer Brian Grazer to discuss the mysterious use of dual roles in the re-imagining of the classic Robin Hood tale. For Nottingham, Grazer figured he’d drop some new plot elements to the film to help rid us of some of our confusion.

Asked about the confusion over who Russell is in fact playing, Grazer said “The two role confusion is that what Robin Hood does is he sees Nottingham in battle very early in the movie and Nottingham dies. And Robin Hood takes over the identity of Nottingham. Thats how it plays out.” Grazer went on to call the film “an origin story” for the characters.

Nottingham is due for release in November and is also set to star Sienna Miller, Mark Strong and William Hurt.